Social situation of prisoners families

This research is dedicated to the study about the social situation of prisoners families. Theoretical basis in which they are settled, constituing foundations of symbolic interactionism. This concept clarifies and definies social situation and its main components.
First of all this poster focuses on indicating and describing the type of social situation in which prisoners families are located and on actions, that they are taking during husband/partner and father imprisonment. It shows also earlier polish and international analyzis about prisoners families.
Empirical research contained in this study resist on interviews with wifes/partners and children of prisoners. Because of the difficulty in reaching to the respondents, it conducts 32 interviews with wifes/partners and 12 interviews with children of inmates. During elabortate of this research was used the method of individual cases and also the construction of genogram which shows the history of family disfunctions.
Social situation of prisoners families, especially show from their own perspective, from today is a field for futhurer researches. But what is extremly, despite lack of diagnosis the families were recognized as a positive factor of correction and readaptation.That's way this study are focus not only on diagnosis of the social situation of prisoners families but also shows the way of effective to work with them.

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