European Cities and Regions against Violent Radicalisation

Moritz Konradi
Camino gGmbH

Cities and regions in Europe are increasingly mobilised to counter and prevent processes of violent radicalisation in their territories, and a great number of innovative and promising practices, projects and programmes are being rolled out across Europe. The member cities of the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) have made the prevention of extremist violence of all sorts a priority since 2013, and through their common forum they have developed a wide variety of activities to foster knowledge on the topic among local stakeholders, provide training for elected officials and practitioners, step up European exchange of promising practices, provide political support by a network of peers as well as technical support in the implementation of local actions to counter radicalisation.
Efus will present its core guidelines and commitments regarding radicalisation as well as key outcomes of the European projects it leads and has lead on the topic (Local Institutions against Extremism - LIAISE - 1 & 2; Preventing radicalisation through probation and release - PREPARE; Local Communication Strategies to Prevent Extremism - Local Voices), as well as the H2020 project “Partnership against Violent Radicalisation in Cities - PRACTICIES" - it contributes to. By doing so, this presentation will showcase state-of-the-art local strategies to prevent violent radicalisation across Europe.

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