Prevention of Radicalism

Radicalism and the acceptance of violent indoctrinations is a lengthy process of being subjected to the radical ideas and terrorist recruiters, especially for the young people. It is essential to interrupt the radicalization process at the very early stages of this illicit interaction so that to be recruited candidates could be saved. Dr. Yayla, from this perspective, has established a system of an early intervention to ensure people are deterred and prevented from joining terrorist organizations. The system basically includes there stages. The first stage is understanding the indicators of terrorist interactions to recruit new members in order to be able identify the people under the threat of terrorist propaganda. The second stage is reaching out to the young people and their families who are under direct or indirect influence and threat of terrorist propaganda and who are considered and reasoned to be possible fresh and future recruits of any terrorist organizations to convey the message that “violence is not a solution” and to emphasize and realize parent’s presumed objections to any children’s joining to a terrorist organization and ruining his or her future. The third is to counter the ideology and radical ideas of terrorists via the efforts of persuasion through appropriate mediums. This research and application of the system is conducted in Sanliurfa scientifically.

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