Prof. Dr. Nils Christie

University of Oslo
P.O. 6706, St. Olavs plass
00130 Oslo

Nils Christie is professor of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, Norway. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and books, some of them published in a great number of languages. Among them are "Limits to Pain" (Oslo University Press 1981 reprinted 2008; "Grenzen des Leids": AJZ Verlag l986), "Crime Control as Industry. Towards Gulags, Western Style?" (Routledge revised and enlarged edition 2000; "Kriminalitätskontrolle als Industrie": Centaurus 1995) and "A Suitable Amount of Crime" (Routledge 2004; "Wieviel Kriminalität braucht die Gesellschaft?": Beck 2005). His last book is "Små ord for store spørsmål" ("Small words for Large Questions": Oslo University Press 2009; published in Norwegian, Danish and Russian).

Most of his writings has been in the field of crime and crime control, but he has also published books and articles on education ("Wenn es die Schule nicht gäbe": Paul List Verlag 1974), on drugs and drug control ("Der nützliche Feind": AJZ Verlag 1991), and on alternative communities - villages for extraordinary people, by many called mentally retarded: "Beyond Loneliness and Institutions"(Oslo University Press 1989; "Jenseits von Einsamkeit und Entfremdung": Verlag Freies Geistesleben 1992).