Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im April 2021

Weitere News zu dem Thema

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

30.04.: Making the Case for Evidence-Based Prevention Systems

29.04.: The Cocaine Pipeline to Europe

28.04.: 26th German Prevention Congress 2021 with 14th Annual International Forum

27.04.: CoronaCrime #50

26.04.: New EU Strategy to tackle Organised Crime

25.04.: Girls aged 11-13 more at risk of online grooming than ever before

24.04.: Better street lighting alone won’t make our cities safer for women

23.04.: Webinar: Cutting Crime Impact - Promoting continuity in Neighbourhood Policing through human-centred design

22.04.: Why Are Mass Shooters Always Male?

21.04.: ISO Standards for crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

20.04.: CoronaCrime #49

19.04.: When Will America Take What We Know About Racist Policing Seriously?

18.04.: Webinar: Role of advocacy for science-based addiction prevention: the evidence doesn’t speak for itself

17.04.: Are 60 years of the global ‘war on drugs’ are a reason to celebrate?

16.04.: Deaths from injuries and violence constitute nearly 8% of all deaths globally

15.04.: Toolbox party drugs and crime

14.04.: Serious and Organised Crime in the EU: A corrupting influence

13.04.: CoronaCrime #48

12.04.: Color-coded Bracelets for Migrants: Separating Poor from Poorer at US-Mexico Border

11.04.: The Risk of Domestic Violence Increases Substantially When A Woman Earns More Than Her Male Partner

10.04.: Why European Countries Do Not Repatriate Their Foreign Fighters

09.04.: Social Fabric: A New Model for Public Safety and Vital Neighborhoods

08.04.: What Went Wrong: Intelligence and other Failures in Western Counterterrorism Policies

07.04.: Why misogyny needs to be tackled in education from primary school

06.04.: CoronaCrime #47

05.04.: EU Strategy on the rights of the child

04.04.: Illicit firearms and other weapons on darknet markets

03.04.: Shifting attention to accuracy can reduce misinformation online

02.04.: Does the Jerusalem Declaration offers a new definition of antisemitism?

01.04.: European Web Survey on Drugs: patterns of use


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