Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im März 2021

Weitere News zu dem Thema

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.03.: Men are more likely to commit violent crimes. Why is this so and how do we change it?

30.03.: CoronaCrime #46

29.03.: Conflict Barometer 2020

28.03.: Mapping the risk of serious and organised crime infiltrating legitimate businesses

27.03.: Council of Europe leaders react to Turkey’s announced withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

26.03.: Online Hate and Harassment: The American Experience 2021

25.03.: Society for Prevention Research Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

24.03.: The Global Illicit Economy

23.03.: CoronaCrime #45

22.03.: Spotlight on Youth engagement

21.03.: Fear of Sexual Harassment and Its Impact on Safety Perceptions in Transit Environments: A Global Perspective

20.03.: After the insurrection, America’s far-right groups get more extreme

19.03.: Research Brief: Immigration and Crime

18.03.: Webinar: Building youth resilience for a safer South Africa

17.03.: Webinar: Right-Wing Extremism - Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions

16.03.: CoronaCrime #44

15.03.: The COVID-19 Pandemic, Digital Threats and Urban Violence Prevention

14.03.: IDPC response to the UNODC World Drug Report 2020

13.03.: Measuring the prevalence of online violence against women

12.03.: HerCity: Digital Toolbox for Sustainable, Equal and Inclusive Cities

11.03.: Webinar: The Nexus Between Violent Extremism and Conspiracy Theory Networks Online

10.03.: Fear-based crime prevention tends to backfire

09.03.: CoronaCrime #43

08.03.: Global, regional, and national mortality trends in youth aged 15–24 years between 1990 and 2019: a systematic analysis

07.03.: Draft Kyoto declaration on advancing crime prevention, criminal justice and the rule of law

06.03.: Criminological Information Service

05.03.: Transnational Right-Wing Extremism: No Beer for Neo-Nazis

04.03.: School mental health: integrating young people's voices to shift the paradigm

03.03.: New research examines the cost of crime in the U.S.

02.03.: CoronaCrime #42

01.03.: Adolescent dating violence prevention programmes: a global systematic review of evaluation studies

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