Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Januar 2021

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.01.: What if...not? The cost of inaction

30.01.: CPTED Webinar - Public Safety & Security integrated in the Design of Smart Cities

29.01.: Mitigating Polarisation: Lessons from the Restorative Justice

28.01.: Webinar - Launch of Practitioner Guide on Crime Prevention & CSWB Planning

27.01.: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

26.01.: CoronaCrime #37

25.01.: UNODC World Wildlife Crime Report

24.01.: From Coca to Cocain - Exhibition about myths and alternative development

23.01.: Global Risks Report 2021

22.01.: Launch of Global Programme on Countering Terrorist Threats against Vulnerable Targets

21.01.: Urban Agenda Partnership Security in Public Spaces Action Plan

20.01.: America’s Hard Path Forward

19.01.: CoronaCrime #36

18.01.: Responding to a Terror Attack: A Strong Cities Toolkit

17.01.: Survey on the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies in EU cities and regions

16.01.: Handbook for the practical use of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism

15.01.: Contested gendered space: public sexual harassment and women’s safety work

14.01.: Youth, sexual norms and non-consensual sharing of digital sexual images

13.01.: Report: Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch

12.01.: CoronaCrime #35

11.01.: Does censoring the radical right on social media work?

10.01.: Early police stops shape long-term future of Black youth

09.01.: PODCAST: Why good policing should be based on trust and legitimacy

08.01.: Why Voter Fraud Narratives Remain Persistent

07.01.: Worldwide Protests in 2020: A Year in Review

06.01.: A Historic Surge in Gun Violence Compounds the Traumas of 2020

05.01.: CoronaCrime #34

04.01.: International Perspectives of Crime Prevention: Violence & Radicalism

03.01.: Resolution on security through encryption and security despite encryption

02.01.: Recommendations on the development of National Roma Frameworks

01.01.: Happy New Year!

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