Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Juli 2020

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.07.: European Commission’s new Security Union Strategy 2020-2025

30.07.: Increase of murder in the US cities

29.07.: Many Europeans believe human rights can build a fairer society but challenges remain

28.07.: CoronaCrime #12

27.07.: Structural Racism inside Europe: A statement by the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network

26.07.: The Role of Aid and Development in the Fight Against Extremism

25.07.: Police in England and Wales face inquiry into possible racial bias

24.07.: Global parliament of mayor's resolution to reduce violence by 50% in 2030

23.07.: Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe 1990 - 2019

22.07.: A starving nation: transnational cartels dictate what’s for breakfast in Kenya

21.07.: CoronaCrime #11

20.07.: UrbanA Community Conversation: Feminist perspective for sustainable just cities

19.07.: Youth Violence Commission Final Report

18.07.: Criminals infiltrating Africa’s booming mobile money industry

17.07.: The war on drugs is built on racism - It’s time to decolonise drug policies

16.07.: World Drug Report 2020

15.07.: Calls for Police Reform Are Getting Louder—Here Is How to Do It

14.07.: CoronaCrime #10

13.07.: State of the World Population 2020: Defying the practices that harm women and girls and undermine equality

12.07.: Call for Projects: European Crime Prevention Award and Best Practice Conference 2020

11.07.: Germany security report: Number of right-wing extremists sharply rose in 2019

10.07.: Third EU Handbook on the administrative approach in the European Union

09.07.: 25th German Prevention Congress goes online

08.07.: Evaluation Criteria for the Prevention of Islamism

07.07.: CoronaCrime #9

06.07.: Data Protection and Privacy - Fundamental Rights Survey

05.07.: Objective Algorithms Are a Myth

04.07.: Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities to Instill Harm Reduction and Social Cohesion at Local Levels

03.07.: Creating a New Era of Public Safety

02.07.: EU Terrorism Situation & Trend Report

01.07.: ECRI Country Monitoring Racism and Intolerance

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