Internationale „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im März 2019

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.03.: A Non-Violent Childhood

30.03.: Council of Europe adopts first-ever international legal instrument to stop sexism

29.03.: Global Environment Outlook

28.03.: Art Installation spotlights the "epidemic" of violence against indigenous women and girls

27.03.: The Internal Brakes on Violent Escalation: A Descriptive Typology

26.03.: Report: Violence in schools based on sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or sex characteristics in Europe

25.03.: A Large-Scale Evaluation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

24.03.: 19th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology

23.03.: State-Sponsored Homophobia Report 2019

22.03.: Guns, Laws, and Mass Shootings in the US

21.03.: Prevention Impulses 2018: Collection of all Daily Prevention News of the past year

20.03.: Canadian government starts funding against gangs and focus on prevention

19.03.: Assessing the Risk of Extremist Violence

18.03.: Mobile Malware

17.03.: How do we know how many children are in gangs?

16.03.: Equality of women and men in local life

15.03.: From Awareness to Prevention: How the EU is Combating Radicalisation Across Europe

14.03.: Working conference on the refugee situation on the local and European level

13.03.: How communities can prevent gun violence

12.03.: The Top Three Security Challenges Facing El Salvador’s President-Elect Nayib Bukele

11.03.: Tool to explore Arrest Trends in the USA

10.03.: Cities of neighborhoods - are we there yet?

09.03.: The Counter Extremism Hub

08.03.: International Women’s Day 2019: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change

07.03.: Toolbox to prevent individual fraud

06.03.: Africa will be worst hit if captured foreign jihadist fighters are let loose

05.03.: Structural reforms are the answer to Brazil’s increasing corruption

04.03.: Resilient Chicago: A Plan for Inclusive Growth & a Connected City

03.03.: VSE Annual Conference 2019: Victim Recovery – A Road of Many Routes

02.03.: FRA: Proposal for a Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online

01.03.: What will it take to prevent interpersonal violence in South Africa?

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