Internationale „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im April 2018

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

30.04.: Victim Support Europe – Annual conference 2018 in May in Stockholm

29.04.: 18th Alliance against Trafficking calls for broad, inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach based on strong partnerships

28.04.: Robust protection for whistleblowers across EU: Commission proposes new rules

27.04.: Flying Money Conference – Investigating illicit financial flows in the city

26.04.: Data collection and visualisation of worldwide homicide rates

25.04.: Security Union: New measures to deny terrorists and criminals the means and space to act

24.04.: UNODC Global eLearning Programme on security issues and human threats

23.04.: Community engagement in preventing extremism: A step-by-step approach

22.04.: Indicators of School Crime and Safety in the USA

21.04.: Infographic: Violence against women – Facts everyone should know

20.04.: The evolution of jihadist radicalization in Asia

19.04.: International Standards on Drug Use Prevention – UNODC/WHO Second Updated Edition

18.04.: Webinar on evidence-based and evidence-informed child safety strategies

17.04.: EUROCRIM 2018 Conference: Extension of the deadline for abstract submission (30 April)

16.04.: Why and when does aggressive content on social media turn into offline violence?

15.04.: Longitudinal perspective on violence in the lives of South African children and youth

14.04.: Applications for WHO mentorship programme on violence and injury prevention is now open

13.04.: How to find and implement the right training programme for preventing & countering radicalisation & violent extremism

12.04.: Study finds predictive policing no more racist than regular policing

11.04.: New Media and the Coproduction of Safety: An Empirical Analysis of Dutch Practices

10.04.: Programme of the Annual International Forum on Crime Prevention is Online

09.04.: EUCPN publication overview 2017

08.04.: Does Keeping Adolescent Girls in School Protect Against Sexual Violence?

07.04.: Forget Broken Windows: Think ‘Busy Streets’

06.04.: The Rising Criminalization of Black Girls

05.04.: My Son Joined ISIS: Nicola Benyahia tells her story

04.04.: Mechanism to report sexual harassment in Ecuador buses

03.04.: The impact of a microfinance and gender-transformative program on preventing intimate partner violence

02.04.: Between Edges and Margins: International Conference on innovative methods in the study of deviance

01.04.: Democracy under Pressure: Polarization and Repression Are Increasing Worldwide

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