DPT Foyer

The DPT Foyer is an exclusive part of the DPT website, which is open from 15 February to 30 September 2021. Access is granted to all those who have registered for the Congress and paid the Congress fee.

The DPT Foyer offers information on all programme items of the Congress. For the international audience information is given on the parts of the Congress, that are available in English language. A list of participants and the associated contact opportunities invite all visitors to interact before and after the congress days.

The DPT Foyer will fill up more and more until the actual congress days, and then the digital conference rooms will open on 10 & 11 May. The programme content can then be experienced here in a live stream. After the congress days, the documentation and recordings will be available exclusively to all participants in the DPT Foyer.

Browse through the information provided in the DPT Foyer and make contacts with other congress participants!

Das Foyer ist geschlossen, ein Einloggen ist nicht möglich.