Kongressprogramm 25. DPT-Digital

Passend zum Schwerpunktthema und den Entwicklungen der Corona-Pandemie geschuldet wird der 25. DPT-Jubiläumskongress am 28. & 29. September 2020 eine rein digitale Onlineveranstaltung sein. Das umfangreiche Kongressprogramm der ursprünglich im Kasseler Kongress Palais geplanten Präsenzveranstaltung wird in vier unterschiedlichen Formaten dargeboten. 

Credible Online Voices for Preventing Violent Extremism

Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)

Just putting narratives and messages online to prevent or counter radicalisation is not effective. Without having a clear target audience, insight in their use of social media and a credible voice success is not likely. A lot of the credible voices and their lack the skills to produce a sound online campaign. Therefore the EC has launched the Civil Society Empowerment Programme providing funding and a training developed by RAN, ESCN and social media providers. The GAMMMA+ model is part of the training package and enables civil society organisations to translate their offline positive narrative or message into a online version in order to reach a bigger or other target group.

After an introduction of the model by Alexander Ritzmann, one of the developers and co-chair of the RAN Working Group on Narratives and Communication, two practices (speakers tbc) will be presented.

The training material is available in all in EU languages and freely accessible on: www.ec.europa.eu/ran