New UNODC Research: Guidelines for the production of statistical data by the police

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The aim of the present guidelines is to support the police in the collection, production and dissemination of high-quality statistics based on administrative data relating to crime and criminal justice. Capturing such data has four key advantages:

  • Provision of detailed information about the police that improves the manageability of operations.
  • Improvement of the capacity to combat crime by offering a basis for deeper insights and evidence-based decision-making while ensuring access to justice for all.
  • Enhancement of public trust by calling for open data and focusing on facts, showing both policymakers and the general public what is actually happening and how the police are responding.
  • Creation of a coherent framework that ensures criminal justice system data become more consistent, more comparable and more transparent, both nationally and internationally, in order to support efforts to reduce transnational crime in line with international mandates.

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