What to do about mental health in PVE: insights from Central Asia

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It is widely accepted that the prevention of violent extremism requires a ‘whole of society’ approach, as pathways in and out of extremist violence are influenced by complex interactions of individual, group, socioeconomic, and political factors.

A ‘whole of society’ approach to prevent violent extremism rests on sustained coordination between actors who previously may have had little mandate, interest, or opportunity to cooperate. Increasing interest in the integration of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) in extremism prevention, extremist rehabilitation, and social repair efforts adds further nuance and challenge to the effective ‘whole of society’ mobilisation.

Importantly, in many places around the world that struggle with extremism, security sector actors and actors involved in mental health and psychosocial support rarely interact, and each sector independently has resource, capacity, and quality concerns that prevent meaningful integration.

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