27. DPT Expertise "Children at the heart of prevention"

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Today is the grand opening of our on-site congress. After a 2 years break we are delighted to welcome back all the participants to the 27th German Crime Prevention Congress.

The 27th German Crime Prevention Congress examines what should be done for children in the broad field of prevention. The Corona pandemic was and is a burning glass that reveals current challenges particularly affecting the young generation. It is already evident that children are enormously suffering from the crisis. But even before that, society has not paid enough attention to the concerns and needs of children. Therefore, the main topic of this year's German Crime Prevention Congress is dedicated to the aspects of the rights and protection of children. Also, the Congress’ focus is on Germany the topic is considered in a European and global context.

As every year, we have published a report on the focus topic. This expertise serves as the basis for the debates at the 2-day congress in Hannover on October 4th and 5th.

Prof. Dr. Gina Rosa Wollinger from the North Rhine-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration coordinated and co-authored this piece. After the children themselves speak out, seven German researchers and practitioners focused on different aspects of child protection and prevention for the younger generation.

Download the written version of the expertise in German here as a PDF file.

The main statements of the report are briefly summarised in video statements.

For our international audience, we offer a quick dive in via our DPT News Broadcasting, which is subtitled.
(Please watch episodes #6 to #12)

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