DPT-TV: Cutting Crime Impact — A human-centred approach to the design of practical tools for law enforcement

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11.00 am CEST
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11.10 am CEST
Cutting Crime Impact — A human-centred approach to the design of practical tools for law enforcement

Andrew B. Wootton & Professor Caroline L. Davey (University of Salford, UK)

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are working to tackle crime and increase citizen safety through improved community policing, the integration of crime prevention measures within urban design and the adoption of policing technologies. How can an LEA ensure that the 'solutions' they adopt actually meet the needs of front-line officers, their communities and stakeholders, as well as suit the contexts in which they work? How can LEAs successfully innovate and design improvements in police operations? This session will discuss the EU-funded project Cutting Crime Impact (CCI – 2018–21), which supported six LEAs to understand and reframe problems, generate solution ideas, and design and prototype appropriate 'tools'. The session will explain the human-centred design approach and how CCI supported partner LEAs in delivering this. Following this session, GMP, one of the LEA partners, will discuss their experiences in implementing the CCI approach in the area of Community Policing—and how implementation has progressed since the project ended.

11.40 am CEST
Community Connect – A tool to support community policing
Dr Roberta Signori (Greater Manchester Police, UK)

As part of the EU-funded "Cutting Crime Impact" (CCI) project, Greater Manchester Police conducted research into neighbourhood policing and developed an evidence-based tool named "Community Connect". The tool was developed by adopting a human-centred design approach and aims to support effective community engagement, a key element of neighbourhood policing. This lecture will discuss the steps undertaken by Greater Manchester Police in researching, designing and implementing the "Community Connect" toolkit. The presentation will also provide insight into the ways design-led research can assist police forces in delivering effective neighbourhood policing and improving their support to local communities.

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