DPT-TV: Misogyny as a factor in radicalization and Prevention for women & girls

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Programme for our international audience on September 21

11.00 am CEST
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11.10 am CEST
Prevention work with and for young women and girls

Dunya Elemenler (Sozialdienst muslimischer Frauen e.V.)

Women continue to be neglected in extremism research. Research on Islamist extremism is no exception and focuses more on male radicalization trajectories. If one wants to draw conclusions for targeted prevention work on women, one is faced with a difficult task. For the prevention project "Women Strengthen Women – Against Radicalization", we drew on two areas to develop a concept for prevention work for Muslim women and girls. On the one hand, these were the results of previous extremism research as well as radicalization trajectories among young women and what promotes them. We also looked at the role of women in radical groups. Second, we took a general look at the situation of women and girls of the Muslim faith in German society. Radicalization processes are particularly promoted by uprooting from all social relations, which is why the social position of women and girls of the Muslim faith seems relevant for further conceptual work. In our lecture, we want to present this in more detail and thus stimulate a discussion about prevention work with women and girls of Muslim faith. The results and experiences from our prevention project will be taken into account.

11.40 am CEST
Misogyny as a factor in radicalization
Rebecca Schönenbach (Frauen für Freiheit e.V.)

In the current debate about far-right assassins, hatred of women is evident as a central motive. Although misogyny is evident among both far-right and Islamist radicals, little research has been done on the connection between the dehumanization of women and radicalization. This presentation will provide an overview of the state of research regarding dehumanization of women as a factor in radicalization. While online recruitment methods are similar, the sociological conditions of the targeted groups are different. Recruitment in the Islamist milieu is predominantly peer-to-peer. Internet forums and targeted online propaganda by relevant organizations then reinforce the Islamist narratives. According to recent research (cf. Tydecks 2021), the course of radicalization can be depicted as a norm-based radicalization schema. The “incel movement”, on the other hand, initially mobilizes mostly online. In this context, a change in the instrumentalization of role models can be observed in the forums visited by right-wing extremists. This lecture aims to make parallels and differences in radicalization trajectories more comprehensible and to clarify the different functions of contempt for women as an instrument of radicalization.

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