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July 06, 2022 – 11.00 am CEST
News and reports from the field of prevention
Every Wednesday DPT-TV presents 10 minutes of “DPT-News” reporting and discussing current prevention topics. The DPT-News part is freely accessibly and does not require registration. Find all the past DPT-News on our Youtube Channel. From April onwards DPT-News are translated into English.

July 06, 2022 – 11.10 am CEST
Training for safe public spaces (Lawrence Schäzle, German-European Forum for Urban Security)
Public spaces in cities are highly frequented places of exchange, culture, commerce and leisure that need to be accessible, inclusive, and safe. Their density and the diversity of uses and users give rise to a number of challenges, from terrorism and crime to natural disasters and large crowd gatherings. Ensuring that public spaces retain their open and inviting character is a complex task – one that largely needs to be addressed at the local level. Local and regional authorities are ideally positioned to co-produce safe public spaces with a wide range of local stakeholders from the public and private sectors (urban planners, first responders, mobility services, local businesses etc.), but they require the right skills and tools to do so effectively. This Focus Session explores how the Secu4All project can provide these skills and tools.

July 06, 2022 – 11.40 am CEST
Prevention in Nightlife implemented at Federal State Level
(Pia Kuchenmüller and Lea Dorn, Frauenhorizonte - Gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V.)
Harassment, assault and violence are very present in nightlife. Consumers, as well as employees, are strongly exposed to this potential danger, especially women. This is where the campaign with a training concept for more safety in nightlife in Baden-Württemberg came in. Funded and initiated by the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg. The coordination office (managed by ‟Frauenhorizonte“) in Freiburg networks the state-wide actors and uses existing structures to implement the training concepts on-site together with 18 women's counselling centres against violence in Baden-Württemberg. The training ensures that staff members are more confident in their actions and impart knowledge about the municipal and state-wide counselling and support services.

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