Call for Papers: Lessons and Innovations in Law Enforcement and Public Health

The 2022 GLEPHA Marketplace of Ideas is a series of online events scheduled over the period from 5th to 23rd September 2022. The Marketplace is being organised by the Global Association for Law Enforcement and Public Health (GLEPHA) and is, in part, a modest alternative to the International LEPH Conference, which cannot take place in 2022.

Like its counterpart during the face-to-face LEPH conferences, the aim of the 2022 Marketplace of Ideas is to showcase practical and innovative programs and approaches to the widest range of complex issues in the law enforcement and public health nexus.

Such complex public health and social issues occur across all societies, and are often met with responses that rely too heavily on criminalization or repressive policing. Evidence is strong that joined-up responses, involving partnerships and collaborations, provide more effective and humane responses. Issues such as violence (especially gender-based and domestic), mental health crises, sex work, alcohol and illicit drug use, abortion, forced migration and human trafficking, disability and unintentional injury (especially road trauma), are complex and essentially public health issues which cannot be approached from a criminal justice or policing perspective alone.

The sharing of knowledge and experience, partnerships and collaboration between the law enforcement and public health sectors are of the utmost importance, as they improve community safety and well-being for all.

The 2022 Marketplace of Ideas is designed as an accessible forum and opportunity for experience – what was the problem? what was tried? what was the outcome? – and for lessons learned to be shared and discussed.

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