Consolidating cybersecurity and resilience throughout the European Union

The European Union is working on improving resilience in the face of increasingly serious cyber threats so as to consolidate security in society at large and in the digital economy.

The European Council has reached a joint agreement on shared high-level cybersecurity measures throughout the European Union with a view to further improving resilience and the ability to react to incidents in both the public and private sectors and in the EU as a whole.

Once approved, the new directive, referred to as NIS2, will replace the current directive on the Security of Network and Information Systems (the NIS Directive). NIS2 will establish the baseline for measures to manage risks to cybersecurity and obligations to provide information in all the sectors covered by the Directive, such as energy, transport, health and digital infrastructure.

The Directive will formally establish the European Union Cyber Crisis Liaison Organisation Network, EU-CyCLONe, which is intended to provide support for the coordinated management of large-scale cybersecurity incidents.

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