A Podcast on ensuring the security of public spaces - Vulnerability & Public Space

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In the first podcast, Efus discusses with Vivien Gravenbach from the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITSS) the connection between vulnerability and public spaces from an urban security perspective.

Indeed, before being able to ensure the security of public spaces, we need to know what and where the vulnerabilities are, by carrying out a vulnerability assessment.

How do we define vulnerability? And how can we identify and assess it? Who should take the decisions based on the assessment? How do we increase the resilience of public spaces? And what about the feeling of insecurity?

This podcast is part of a series giving insights into current risks and threats for public spaces in European cities as well as ways to address and mitigate them. It provides the listener with a brief introduction to the topic and an overview of the challenges it presents, revolving around: vulnerability assessment – urban planning, design and management for urban security – communication in crisis management – technologies for security in public spaces. The next episode will be released on March 14.

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