Webinar: Police analysis and communication tool to support effective information-enhanced patrolling

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As part of the EU-funded CCI project, the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) in Lower Saxony, Germany, investigated the implementation and front-line use of Predictive Policing with the aim to identify issues and address shortcomings. Researchers conducted observation and interview research into the use of the LKA's PreMAP predictive system by police officers. Findings revealed that predictive data was not being used as it was not provided in a way that met the needs of officers. In addition, research found that PreMAP data was just one of many types of information that needed to be provided more systematically to officers in daily patrol briefings and shared between shifts. Research highlighted the fact that shortcomings in the implementation of PreMAP were not simply due to the technology, but to relevant information not being communicated in a way that supported officers in their patrolling duties.
From these insights, the LKA researchers developed their PATROL Tool. This Tool is tailored to the local policing context, and includes various elements that support comprehensive information processing and more effective internal communication, enabling an intelligence-enhanced approach to patrolling. Maurice Illi will present the PATROL tool, discussing how it works and how it supports police officers to more effectively receive, share and use information.
Dr Chiara Ryffel (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) will present on the critical importance of information in decision-making and taking effective action. She will discuss how poor communication and a lack of information in High Reliability Organisations can result in inadequate actions that in turn lead to critical incidents. The more precise and comprehensive information is, the better a situation can be assessed and appropriate action identified and taken. By focusing on providing employees with the information, resources and equipment they need, organisations can better create and enhance safety.
The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 8th of September, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST.

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