Cutting Crime Impact – On the trail of citizens’ feelings of insecurity

INSIGHT, a tool which delves into subjective safety and security, will be presented in the 5th webinar of the CCI-Webinar series. Factors like public opinion or the spatial distribution of disorder in a neighborhood affect the perception of safety of citizens and create complex challenges for state and municipal actors. Subjective security in urban spaces requires knowledge about the emergence and effects of fear of crime and about the design and use of public space. Results are prepared for implementation in such a way that these can be used by crime prevention practitioners. Within the context of the international EU project Cutting Crime Impact (CCI), the INSIGHT tool was developed to enable these actors to measure and - if possible - mitigate citizens' feelings of insecurity and fear of crime. Following the human-centered design approach, the tool is intended to provide a holistic, spatial and systematic process for measuring perceptions of (in)security and focuses on the perspective and demands of the users.

The webinar is hosted by the German Crime Prevention Congress. Our English-language webinars result from the EU project Cutting Crime Impact (CCI). In this events the developed toolkits for the prevention of high-impact petty crime and the innovative methodological research practice of the project will be presented. The webinar series started in March 2021 and will run till December 2021.

The webinar will take place on TUESDAY, 13 July 2021, 4-5 pm (CEST)
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