New Safe Urban Spaces

The public space is the heart of urban life and has for millennia served as a rallying point for citizenship and democratic engagement. In the public space people can meet each other — high and low — and it is key to urban life and social cohesion that they can continue do so, safely.

To support urban life, Nordic Safe Cities and SLA Architects initiated the Safe Urban Spaces Task Force in 2020. Over a 1-year period, the taskforce brought together Nordic cities, practitioners and experts from a range of fields to rethink how we can create safer, more open and inclusive urban spaces.

This publication is a collection of the learnings from the taskforce. It presents five ‘Safe Urban Spaces Principles’ along with concrete tools that can support practitioners in the process to create safer urban spaces. The final chapter presents these principles in action, with three Nordic cases exemplifying how these principles and tools are currently being used in practice.

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