Prevention Pyramid Manual

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The Security in Public Spaces Partnership, which is part of Urban Agenda for the EU, is supporting the idea that social cohesion measures should be part of an integrated urban security policy.

Aspects of inclusion, social capital, social mobility, citizen participation, and empowerment can help create safer environments. However, what does it mean for policymakers and local security managers? How can they create more social cohesion, and how can they, by doing so, have an impact on urban security?

Prevention Pyramid Manual aims at mapping the existing local policy regarding the reduction of feelings of insecurity. To do so, the local situation has to be mapped and structured using the prevention pyramid. After mapping, concrete measures for impact evaluation can be selected.

A prevention pyramid is a tool that cities/regions can use to make a snapshot of their local safety policy; all different measures are mapped according to 4 levels (quality of life, general prevention, specific prevention and reaction). This enables local and regional authorities to balance their urban security approach and detect gaps in the policies.

Five cities have already tested the manual to evaluate its helpfulness.

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