Youth Violence: Prevention and Control

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Youth violence is exacerbated by contextual factors but is by no means limited to underprivileged communities. It is pervasive, affecting all communities in one form or another at different levels of intensity and severity. It evolves over time and is influenced by ecological factors such as societal stresses caused by ideological, economic, or public health threats. Young people may be victims of, witnesses to, or perpetrators of violence or a mix thereof. Violence is triggered by personal history, lack of choices and opportunities, substance use or trafficking, racism, homophobia, genderism, and other forms of discrimination.

This supplemental issue on the Youth Violence Prevention Centers contributed to this journal by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes the public health impacts of youth violence. Importantly and in a timely fashion, it also documents some of the responses that have been and continue to be made to this major public health issue.

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