Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit

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This toolkit is a collection of security and safety practices we have been building and learning for years from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color movements within the U.S. Our teachers passed this information down to us through oral tradition and through practice in the streets. We built this toolkit in part to honour these generations before who relied on each other for safety and to ensure this work is passed on to those who come after us. We believe that these are the skills needed to actualize prison and police abolition, self-determination, and sovereignty.

We originally wrote this toolkit in 2019 and planned to release it in 2020. We pushed back the release when the COVID-19 pandemic started, wanting to ensure we adapted this toolkit as movement security needs to be shifted. We recognize that we’re in the midst of multiple pandemics violently targeting Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer and Trans, disabled, low-income, immigrant, and so many more communities. We offer you these tools as Black communities are mobilizing to defend our lives from state violence, while at the same time striving to address, confront, and contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The toolkit is published by Vision Change Win Consulting, which is a Black-led team of Queer and Trans People of Color social justice leaders dedicated to supporting organizations in fully manifesting their missions, visions, and values.

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