Webinar: Making the case for a Community Policing approach: Lessons from the Lisbon Model

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One of the main challenges in community policing (CP) relates to the need to build safer neighbourhoods through the establishment of effective and trustful relationships between police and citizens. The model of CP in Lisbon, applied by the Lisbon Municipal Police since 2009, has been built from the involvement of local partners and citizens in safety partnerships and their active participation in the planning process of putting in place CP projects in Lisbon. This policing model is challenging both to the partnership as well as to police organization since it requires a long term engagement by the community as well as the internal support from the police organisation to a model of policing often seen as social work.

The webinar will first provide an overview of typical challenges for CP, framing the model used in Lisbon, in contrast to policing models throughout the Anglophone world, for its specificities in facing those challenges. Then, the webinar will focus on the results of the research carried out under the EU Project Cutting Crime Impact. The findings revealed the need for senior-level police engagement in the planning process of CP, and the tool "Lisbon Community Policing - Safer Communities" was developed. This tool contains specific communication and planning instruments to support and engage key decision-makers in CP delivery.

The webinar takes place Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

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