Webinar: Addressing Anti-Social Behaviour: Ensuring Effective Responses and Supporting Victims

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Levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the UK surged during 2020, particularly in the months following the first national lockdown. According to the Home Office, the recorded number of incidents increased by approximately 75% in the wake of the March lockdown. This is just one of the ‘hidden harms’ of Covid-19; the effects of isolation and increased stress have magnified community tensions and provoked greater conflict between individuals. This backdrop has also increased the potential for vulnerable individuals to become easy targets for perpetrators of ASB, as social distancing pressures them to suffer in silence.

The Victims’ Commissioner has called for a greater voice to be given to victims of ASB, citing instances in which those who have endured persistent ASB have taken their own life. This has led to pressure on the government to honour their longstanding promise to enact a Victims’ Law, giving victims of crime enforceable rights with regard to their treatment by police and courts.

This symposium is, therefore, an invaluable opportunity to draw attention to an arguably neglected issue. The UK continues to be plagued by cases of anti-social behaviour, and a coordinated response is necessary if we are to protect victims and prevent further corrosion of our communities.

The online symposium takes place on June 3rd, 2021.

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