OSCE Gender and Security Toolkit

The new Gender and Security Toolkit provides practice-based policy and programmatic guidance for governments, international and regional organizations and security and justice institutions to integrate a gender perspective and advance gender equality in security and justice policy, programming and reform.

Since the first publication of the Toolkit in 2008, tens of thousands of security and justice personnel globally have been trained on gender equality to some degree, scores of countries worldwide have adopted Women, Peace and Security national action plans, and new national legislation and international standards to tackle gender inequalities and discrimination have been passed. The global adoption and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals also highlight the need for good security sector governance and the central role justice and security actors play in promoting gender equality. The new Toolkit tracks these 10 years of global developments in the area of gender and security.  

The Toolkit aims to:

- raise the awareness on the links between gender and security, related standards and good practices at national and international levels;

- increase skills of state officials, members of oversight bodies and other actors to integrate gender in policymaking as related to policing, justice, defence, border security management, parliamentary oversight, deprivation of liberty and intelligence;

- invigorate multi-stakeholder dialogues to integrate a gender perspective into security policymaking.

OSCE Gender and Security Toolkit


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