Global parliament of mayor's resolution to reduce violence by 50% in 2030

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A key global priority is reducing violence of all forms, especially in cities. Over 600,000 people are killed every year around the world in situations of urban conflict, extremism, crime and interpersonal violence. Yet there are also remarkable examples of cities preventing and reducing violence, especially where there is smart leadership, data-driven and evidence-based interventions focused on hot spots and social and economic prevention measures.

Now the GPM has adopted the resolution to halve violence by 2030.

The proposal is to strengthen the resolution and implement a set of evidence-based actions by inviting mayors individually and from city networks around the world to also become signatories to the Resolution. The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) and partnering city networks will deliver the final Resolution to the UN Secretary General and the General Assembly during the UNGA session between 15-30 September 2020. This will show cities to be supportive and aligned to the UN goals on reducing violence, and demonstrate the leadership they are taking on this issue.

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