25th German Prevention Congress goes online

Given the developments of the Corona crisis, the 25th German Prevention Congress will unfortunately not be held on-site in Kassel. But in keeping with the main topic "Smart Prevention – Prevention in the Digital World " we will organise a digital and interactive event!

The 25th DPT-Digital on September 28th and 29th, 2020, offers four different formats and areas for participation, and an interactive exchange:

  • DPT-TV: Two days TV/Internet programme with many live elements
  • DPT-PREVINARS: 12 lectures are presented online. The interactive chat enables direct exchange with the speakers and other participants
  • DPT-Infopool: Various information related and enhancing the different programme items are available on the DPT-website
  • DPT-Open House: On Monday evening you can have informal discussions with other congress participants in an easily accessible web format

The programme planning is still ongoing and we keep you informed on our website, with our newsletter and the Daily Prevention News.

Unfortunately, there will be no specific Annual International Forum (AIF) this year. The digital programme will mostly be in German. We are looking forward to a redesigned and updated Annual International Forum at the upcoming 26th German Prevention Congress on May 2021, 10th and 11th.

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