Many Europeans believe human rights can build a fairer society but challenges remain

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Most people trust in human rights to create fairer societies according to survey findings from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). However, if you struggle to make ends meet, are young or vulnerable you often believe human rights are not for you. FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey reveals stark divides across society in Europe. It highlights the need for governments to reconnect Europeans with their human rights to ensure that everyone benefits equally from them.

FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey collected data from 35,000 people about their experiences, perceptions and opinions on a range of issues that are variously encompassed by human rights. This report presents a small selection of the survey results. It focuses on findings with respect to respondents’ opinions about human – or fundamental – rights; their views and perceptions on the functioning of democratic societies – as a pillar on which human rights can flourish; and on their thoughts on and engagement with public services that have a duty to enforce human rights law and to protect people’s rights.

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