New platform for the prevention of violent extremism

The phenomena of radicalisation has developed at a high speed. From prevention to repression approaches, in looking for the right responses to these violent extremist expressions it is important to keep up with these developments. Understanding the different faces of radicalisation and extremism and the latest developments is a challenge for academics, professionals and policy makers. It demands a continuously updated data and interpretation. The complexity of the underlying processes and factors that lead different individuals and groups to adopt radical ideas and commit acts of violence forms is a challenge as well.

The EU funded PERICLES project has developed a comprehensive approach to prevent and counter violent radicalisation and extremism. The comprehensive prevention strategy largely addresses law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and security agencies; but will also find use by prisons and social workers, teachers and even relatives of affected people.

The four moduls of the prevention strategy can be accessed on the PERICLES enhanced platform.

The platform provides additional further resources and helpful guides, assisting the end user with finding the relevant information they are looking for or simply facilitating a general introduction into radicalisation and the various sources of support available across Europe and beyond.

Ein Service des deutschen Präventionstages.

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