Online Conference: Violent Radicalisation in Cities

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The PRACTICIES project aimed to understand radicalisation in order to better anticipate its occurrences and intervene as early as possible in this negative process and improve urban security in partner cities.

In this sense, the project contributes to tackling one of the biggest challenges faced by European cities, that is to empower and engage residents, and particularly the most vulnerable, and thus become more inclusive and diverse cities.

Given the evolution of measures to prevent further spread of COVID19 in Europe, the PRACTICIES final conference scheduled in Riga on 25 and 26 March has been cancelled. The event co-organisers, Efus and the University of Toulouse, have adapted to these circumstances and the planned in-person meeting sessions will now be offered online.

The webinars will take place between March 27th and April 15th. 

Find here the programme of activities of the PRACTICIES final conference and register for the sessions. 

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