Police and Academics Team Up to Implement Early Intervention in Serious Violence Hotspots

A new project to identify and target hot spots for knife crime and other serious violence is being developed by Bedfordshire Police and leading academics.

The work between the force and the Cambridge Centre for Evidence Based Policing (CCEBP) aims to use evidence and data to effectively target police patrols at hot spot areas for serious violence.

Early indications suggest that the right interventions in less than eight per cent of the county could prevent up to 41 per cent of relevant crimes and harm in Bedfordshire.

Professor Lawrence Sherman, from CCEBP, welcomes the chance to partner with Bedfordshire in focusing, not just on targeting the most likely areas for knife crime, but also to deploy a hot spots targeting alarm for those areas - using GPS to show when there has been no patrol in a hot spot for several days.

It is hoped, that this tool will help to reduce serious violence across the UK and globally.

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