Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2020: Gun Violence

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The 2020 Stockholm Criminology Symposium is held June 9–11 at the City Conference Center (Norra Latin) in the center of Stockholm.

The primary purpose of the Symposium is to create an environment where international criminologists, policy makers, practitioners and others engaged in criminal policy matters can take part of the latest research findings of importance for crime policy. The participants will be able to discuss strategies, methods and measures to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society.

The Symposium is organized by the Swedish National Council of Crime Prevention (abbreviated Brå in Swedish) on behalf of the Swedish Government.

The main theme for the 2020 Stockholm Criminology Symposium is Gun violence: sound knowledge and countermeasures. The other theme will, as in previous years, be Contemporary criminology. The full program for 2020 will be presented in March 2020.

Read more about Call for Presentations and how to register as a speaker.

Registration for the Symposium is now open.

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