Webinar: Tech sector and law enforcement engagement to tackle terrorist use of the internet

Tech Against Terrorism is pleased to invite you to our free e-learning session about tech platform and law enforcement collaboration, in partnership with Europol. The webinar will see presentations from leading practitioners, including experts from Europol’s Internet Referral Unit.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage with Tech Against Terrorism experts and high-level professionals within Europol about a range of topics, including:

  • Ways that Internet Referral Units (IRUs) can support small and medium size platforms in identifying terrorist content and building resilience across platforms
  • The mandates and set-ups of IRUs
  • Overview of the process used by the IRUs to refer content to tech companies
  • Referral Action Days
  • Facilitation of cross-border requests to access electronic evidence

The Webinar will take place on 12th of December 2019 from 1pm - 2pm GMT.

Register here

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