Decolonization of Criminology and Justice - The inaugural issue

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Orthodox criminology and criminal justice journals, on the other hand, can feel unsafe (sometimes outright hostile) as editors and reviewers put on a Eurocentric or positivist lens through which they look unfavourably and discouragingly upon disciplinary critiques, especially those based on Indigenous methodologies. This has led to a gross underrepresentation of Indigenous criminalisation in mainstream criminology journals.

Nevertheless, the call to decolonize criminal justice has grown louder since the 1990s, particularly in so-called settler -colonial societies, and has, more recently, expanded to include the decolonization of criminology. Given the current situation on the research and publishing market, it seems timely to establish a publication platform for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars who conduct research into justice issues or in criminology and seek to contribute to decolonization processes in a safe and ethical review environment.

Scholars who work to decolonize criminology and justice generate discourses and theories that are inescapably political as they shed light on existing social, political, economic and legal structures, practices and discourses that contribute to the marginalization of the ‘other’. All of the papers contained in this first issue reflect the core values of the journal in their own way.

The Journal is supported by the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Table of Content:

Research articles

  • Humanifesto of the Decolonization of Criminology and Justice by Biko Agozino
  • Institutional racism and (in)justice: Australia in the 21st century by Chris Cunneen
  • Silencing Prisoner Protests: Criminology, Black Women and State-sanctioned Violence by Britany J Gatewood and Adele N Norris
  • Achieving Wellbeing and Prosocial Transformation Through Social Mobilisation: An Evaluation of a Gang Empowerment Strategy by Michael Roguski


  • Reducing Our Prison Population: Past Failures and New Approaches by Juan Marcellus Tauri

Book Reviews 

  • Jones, N. (2018). The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption. Oakland, CA: University of California Press by Michael B Mitchell
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