Health in prisons: WHO fact sheets for 38 European countries

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The fact sheets for 38 countries in the WHO European Region present data on prison health systems and services, collected between 2016 and 2017. The purpose of the fact sheets is to present a snapshot of what is currently known about prison health-care systems and services across the European Region.

Each fact sheet provides a summary of select indicators belonging to the eight domains of the Health in Prisons European Database (HIPED). The data presented for these indicators are grouped under the following headings: prison population, prison health systems, prison health-care workforce, prison environment and risk factors, disease screening, prevalence of communicable diseases, prevention of infection, treatment and mortality.

The content comprises key aspects of prison health that are relevant to national decision-makers. The aim of this work is to improve monitoring and surveillance systems in prisons, and to improve broader health outcomes.

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