Congress: Glocal Islamism 2019

Islamist actors operate across borders, and their transnational ideology attracts sympathisers and supporters everywhere in the world. Analysing and combating Islamism within national boundaries is largely ineffective.

If the phenomenon is to be fully understood, the background against which Islamism has developed must be considered in a far wider context. For organisations working in prevention, in particular, it is essential that they understand the interdependencies between global and local manifestations of Islamism before developing effective solutions to combat it.

The conference aims at setting up an international dialogue between organisations involved in prevention, building networks for an interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, which are vital when it comes to combating this transnational phenomenon effectively and in the long term. Host of the conference is the German Federal Agency for Civic Education.

The conference languages are German and English, with simultaneous interpretation provided in all sessions.

Glocal Islamism takes place in Berlin, October 2019, 15-17.

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