Webinar: Making the Case for Our Immigrant Future: Regional Perspectives

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Until a decade ago, labour market growth in Canada’s smaller cities, towns and regions depended on turnover and growth in the local population. Today, many of those communities are experiencing structural decline and need a substantial boost in population growth to ensure both that local businesses and industries have the workers they need, and local governments have the tax base required to sustain community resilience and well-being.

Municipal and community leaders in Canada’s regions are learning that the retention of local youth alone is not enough to reverse the impact of an ageing population and shrinking workforce. Labour market growth and regional prosperity depends on immigration outside the big cities. So, what does it take to successfully attract and retain newcomers to our regions?

Register today and join us on September 18 when Alex LeBlanc, New Brunswick Multicultural Council, shares community insights on the challenges and opportunities of building a welcoming economy in a regional and small town context.

For more information, visit the Cities of Migration Learning Exchange.

The Webinar takes place on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019 

9:00 PDT in Vancouver | 12:00 EDT in Toronto, New York | 13:00 ADT in Halifax, Fredericton | 17:00 BST in London | 18:00 CEST in Berlin, Barcelona

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