Online Courses: Religion, Radicalisation and Resilience

This course will consider the definition of radicalisation and what forms it takes and contains a basic training in how to develop a community resilience programme against radicalisation and terrorism.

  • Explore issues related to radicalisation and religious violence.
  • Learn how to build resilience within communities and schools.
  • Examine terrorist events and their consequences but the stories of the perpetrators.
  • Hear from key experts seeking to explain how people were driven to become radicalised and engage in terrorist violence.

This Massive Open Online Courses  (known as MOOCs) – massive because they are aimed at unlimited participation and open because they are openly accessible on the internet – is aimed at younger people and mid-career professionals. The online courses are available to anyone with an internet account and an email address.

Next start date: September 16, 2019
Duration: 3 weeks

Participation is free of charge.

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