Call for participants: Mapping European responses to identity-based violence

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The rise in nationalist and exclusionary far-right politics across the continent is increasing discrimination, marginalisation, and persecution, and is threatening the fabric of Europe’s societies. Europe can and should be a global leader in protecting populations from the threats of identity-based violence, including mass atrocities. This responsibility to prevent and to protect is as much the case within and at its own borders as in its contributions abroad. 

European civil society should likewise be leading by example, applying scrutiny to national and regional policymaking, and championing a bolder approach to prevention.

Protection Approaches, a UK based organisation, that works to address the diverse challenges of identity-based violence, from hate crime to violent extremism and genocide, convenes the first online consultation on Europe’s prevention crisis, bringing together civil society practitioners, researchers, and local and community experts from across the region.

From Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 August, our inclusive online forum will host a series of lively and frank conversations that will explore key questions including:

  • What are the obstacles facing, and opportunities for building, a more effective European civil society?
  • What are the lessons to be shared from successful civil society prevention work?
  • How can we break down the conceptual and practical barriers that exist between the fulfilment of prevention responsibilities at home and abroad?
  • What can European civil society do when populations are facing acute risk of identity-based violence?

Please register your interest through the online form by 5 August 2019.

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