Countering Far-Right Extremism in Europe: Policy Recommendations

Recent developments in far-right extremism in Europe show several dangerous trends.  Growing internationalization of far-right extremists can result in such tragic events such as the New Zealand mosque massacres in which dozens of innocent Muslims were murdered in the name of “European ethno-nationalism”. The attacks have become increasingly professional. Two Swedish neo-Nazis used bombs to attack an asylum house in Gothenburg after receiving training at a Russian paramilitary camp. Vigilante units with pro-Kremlin links operate in Central and Eastern Europe. They organize “border defender” patrols against “illegal migrants” (in Bulgaria they also unlawfully detained migrants).

Far-right politicians help fuel hatred and tension in society but rarely admit to it.  The problems associated with the growing far-right is a topic of debate in European democratic societies and there are no quick solutions to the problem. However, some measures can help mitigate at least some of the negative aspects of far-right extremism in Europe.

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