Call for Papers: 19th World Congress of Criminology

The World Congress of Criminology is the foremost worldwide criminology event that brings together the best academics, researchers, professionals and policy makers to discuss the most relevant and current issues related to crime and deviance and their prevention under the aegis of the International Society of Criminology.

This year's topic is "Science, Technology and Teaching in Criminology: Researching, Investigating and Preventing Crime. Emphasis on Teaching & Educating on Rule of Law".

The 19th world congress of Criminology will take place in Doha, Qatar from 27th to 31st October 2019.

The Congress welcomes different forms of presentations, from the traditional “paper” to roundtables, author meets critics, literary and artistic expressions, community meetings, posters, workshops and more. We want the Congress to be a dynamic, high energy, creative event that offers high quality scholarly and research material, data, and insights along with more concrete, practical, solution-oriented debates and collaborations.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling, first come-first served basis. Therefore it is best to send proposals as soon as possible to ensure that they can be properly scheduled. Proposals sent after August 15 will be considered to the extent possible. Presenters should plan to be in Doha during the entire period of the Congress so that there are no problems with the scheduling of their presentation.

Other themes deemed to be of special importance and relevance are:

- Extremism, Terrorism & Warfare: Mass Violence and its Impact on Society;
- The Victimization of Vulnerable Populations: Crimes Against Women, Children, The Elderly & Minorities;
- The Politics of Crime: The Role of Crime and Terrorism in National & International Decisions & Interventions;
- Rapid Urbanization, Industrialization, Human Trafficking, and Migration: Today's Slave World ;
- Trafficking in drugs, people, animals, antiquities and other goods: Worldwide Corruption.

Deadline for submission is August 15, 2019.

Please find more information and registration on the website.

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