Toolbox to prevent individual fraud

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The toolbox published by the European Crime Prevention Network focusses on fraud with a special focus on phone scams. As fraud covers a whole range of topics, the toolbox is narrowed down to individual fraud. This entails frauds committed against individuals by individuals or criminal organisations.

Increasingly, this type of fraud has become a profitable and cross-border enterprise, some scholars even call these offenders ‘scampreneurs’. Consequently, this type of crime deserves an EU-wide approach. This is also made apparent in the policy paper which is written in tandem with this toolbox.

This toolbox consists of three parts. The first tries to lay out the current intelligence picture on individual fraud. We discuss interesting good practices in the second part and also posit some recommendations on how to prevent phone scams. These good practices are listed in the third part. An executive summary is also provided to the reader.

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