European local authorities mobilise against radicalisation

Local and regional authorities play a key role in preventing and countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism. Because they are close to citizens, they are strategically placed to carry out targeted actions and mobilise the relevant local stakeholders. Prevention is essential in countering radicalisation and, apart from police work and legal action, prevention policies must mobilise local crime prevention partnerships.

The European Forum for Urban Security has directed or participated in over a dozen European projects on the topic of radicalisation. Currently, it is leader in the following projects: Bridge, Local voices, Loud and Prepare. It is also partner in Pactesur, Practicies and Protect.

The publication European Local Authorities are mobilising against radicalisation presents initiatives carried out by 15 Efus member local authorities from 9 European countries. It is meant to provide support and inspiration for other local authorities and foster the exchange of experiences.
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