Nightlife Management with ‘Night Mayors´

Night Mayors are placed to carry out the vision of many mayors of making the city’s nightlife “socially inclusive and culturally diverse.” And they are ought to address noise concerns, conflicts related to nightlife acitivties and streamline the licensing process for businesses and pop-up events.

New York City created its own office of nightlife last year, and Pittsburgh, Orlando, and others have their own versions as well. The job postings tend to garner a mix of skepticism and enthusiasm about what it means for a city to take a more active interest in its nightlife industry. What, exactly, does it take to make the position more than just hype?

Learn more about the concept and idea of night mayors, a concept which caught fire in Europe and is gaining relevance globally.

Read full article about Night Mayors in the USA.

Ein Service des deutschen Präventionstages.

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