A Practitioner’s Toolkit on Women’s Access to Justice Programming

Discriminatory justice systems deny women and their families protection, accountability and reparation – leading to impunity for perpetrators and a cyclical pattern of further violations. Justice is a right in itself as well as an enabler of all other rights. Yet many women and girls – particularly those who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination – experience the justice system not as a bastion for the vulnerable but rather as a preserve of a privileged few.

This Practitioner’s Toolkit published by three different UN agencies (UN Women, UNDP, UNHCE) on Women’s Access to Justice Programming harnesses experiences, lessons and promising practices to ensure non-discriminatory and inclusive justice systems. It is meant to inform and inspire comprehensive, rights-based access to justice programming that recognizes women’s rights as indivisible and interdependent. The Toolkit signals a determination to explore new ways of doing business.

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